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Does this sound familiar to you? You’re taking a smoke break and your colleague asks you for a lighter. You hand it to them and before you know it the lighter slides right into their pocket. From that moment, you know you’re never going to see it again. It’s not so bad if it’s just a regular lighter that you bought at a gas station. That’s why a Clipper lighter prevents this problem. Clipper lighters have a remarkably unique exterior that makes it difficult for someone to easily take it with them by accident. You can order your new Clipper lighters at


Always a strong flame

Clipper lighters are refillable, butane gas lighters, which can be filled up again with the right type of lighter fluid when it’s empty. This makes the Clipper lighter perfect to use under any weather conditions because it will create a strong flame, which will extinguish once you release the lighter. The Clipper lighter is a perfect combination between a Zippo and an ordinary disposable lighter. They are less expensive, but have a distinctive design and many different and unique kinds are available. This allows you to customize your lighter without spending a lot of money. Therefore, your lighter will always find its way back to you.


Our advantages

The advantages of choosing a Clipper lighter:

  • Relatively low price for a lighter with a design
  • Packaging with a luxurious feel
  • Refillable lighters
  • Made of stainless steel, therefore long lasting


In addition to the benefits of the Clipper lighters, at you can also enjoy the advantages of easily buying one online. Your order will be delivered to you at home, and you can choose from a large assortment of affordable lighters. Do you want to know more about Clipper lighters? You can directly view our catalog or contact us for more information.

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