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There are lighters and then there are Zippo lighters. Zippo lighters have been categorized as the best lighters available in the market. These sturdy, metal lighters come in many shapes and sizes whilst ensuring that you always have a strong flame. Do you want to buy a Zippo lighter or would you like to know more about these top-quality lighters? Then you have come to the right place at


A Zippo lighter for everyone

Zippo is an American brand that made its appearance in World War II by producing lighters specially designed for the U.S. military. The manufacturing of consumer products was put on hold and Zippo became the American symbol for freedom. Meanwhile, the brand has gained worldwide popularity among ordinary customers, putting Zippo lighters in their own specific lifestyle segment. With large collection of many different Zippo designs, collectors’ items and also customized products, there is a lighter for everyone. Yet, what makes these lighters so special?

  • Zippo lighters are petrol lighters. The lighters are filled with Zippo fluid to ensure a strong flame. Moisture, cold and wind have no influence on these lighters whatsoever.
  • The lighter makes unique and distinctive sounds when you press to ignite the flame.
  • The company gives a lifelong warranty on all lighters, so you are assured of high quality lighters for the rest of your life.


Large assortment

Zippo lighters are in a slightly higher price range than regular lighters. Do you want to order Zippo lighters or are you looking for cheap lighters? You can find a large assortment of lighters from every price range at


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